Anton Banks has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music in Connecticut for over 25 years

Anton Banks became exposed to techno and independent music while studying at Univeristy and soon began collecting rave and house records. He was quickly drawn to local college radio stations since they were always playing the newest music. He got his first show in 1996 and was instantly hooked. Through his involvement with the radio station, Anton met other people with similar interests and ties to local party promoters. Anton got his first residency at Equinox (1996 - 1998), which was held at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. Since then, Anton has played at numerous venues around the northeastern US, Chicago, and Montreal. His main focus has remained his radio show. Anton's program, called "The Vault", has now been on the air for over 25 years. The show consists entirely of new and unreleased music and has also exposed numerous international artists to his native Connecticut. While Anton is known for his solid techno sound, you shouldn't be surprised to hear him play a dub, electro, or ambient set.

Outside of music Anton does triathlons, plays keeper in adult league soccer, and writes about himself in the third person.