Here is the broadcast information for The Vault.

The station is 88.1FM WESU broadcasting from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, USA. The station's website is The station broadcasts via the internet. The live audio feeds can be found at this link.

My show is on the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month. The program airs from 9:30PM until 11:00PM eastern US time. Here is a link to a world clock that converts the shows broadcast time.

My website is I also have links to the world clock as well as the audio feeds there. My show is 90 minutes long so I will only be able to get to about 60 minutes of a  mix live on the show. If a mix is longer than 60 minutes then the archived version of the program will contain the entire set. I  post links to the audio archives on the show's Facebook page. I also have a Podcast for the show so the link will appear in iTunes as well.

Anton Banks

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